73 Cutler to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 6 WELLINGTON, 13 January 1949, 1.50 p.m.


Delhi Conference Following is the text of New Zealand reply to be conveyed through High Commissioner in London to Indian Government.

'They wish to thank the Government of India for their consideration in inviting them to be present at this meeting but regret that they do not find it possible to be represented by a Minister. They will, however, arrange for an observer in the person of Mr. Foss Shanahan, Assistant Secretary of External Affairs and as his associate Mr. Inglis, New Zealand Trade Commissioner in India, to attend and report to the New Zealand Government on the proceedings and conclusions of the Conference.

The New Zealand Government have noted with interest the statement of the High Commissioner for India that the Conference is not intended to supersede the authority of the United Nations but is an expression of a desire to confer with like mind[ed] peoples on Indonesian problems. In view of the fact that the situation in Indonesia is within the jurisdiction of the Security Council of the United Nations and the Council directly and through its agency the Committee of Good Offices in Indonesia, is endeavouring to deal with the position the New Zealand Government welcome this assurance of the Government of India regarding the position of the Security Council. They feel sure that the Government of India will agree fully with them that it must be left to the Security Council to take all necessary action to bring the dispute in Indonesia to an end and restore peace in this important area of the world.

A public statement on the nature of New Zealand's participation in the conference will be issued later today.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/4/5]