85 Department of External Affairs to Evatt

Cablegram E16 CANBERRA, 15 January 1949

New York Radio reports today that United States has circulated among Security Council members working paper outlining programme for creation of free United States of Indonesia not later than 1st April, 1950. Following are main points:-

(1) Immediate halt to military operations and unconditional release of all political prisoners held by Dutch.

(2) Interim Federal Government of Indonesia to be established by 15th March next after negotiations under United Nations auspices.

(3) Free elections for Constituent Assembly which would complete drafting of constitution by 1st October next under observance of United Nations Commission for Indonesia.

(4) Commission referred to would consist of same three nations as present Good Offices Committee but would have wider powers and jurisdiction over the whole of Indonesia. Full text not yet received from New York but assume United States introduced above proposals at yesterday's Security Council meeting in form of resolution. According to Radio, Netherlands Delegate [1] at yesterday's meeting reiter-ated Netherlands' view that Security Council has no competence in Indonesian dispute and declared Netherlands Government ready to submit question of competence to International Court. Van Royen also reported to have revealed Netherlands Government's plans for establishment of United States of Indonesia including- 1. Creation of Interim Federal Government within next month.

2. Preparations for free election under United Nations observance.

3. Drawing up of constitution for United States of Indonesia by elected Representatives.

4. Transfer of power some time in 1950.

New Delhi Radio says fifteen nations have accepted invitations to Asian Conference and two more replies expected in next few days.

1 J.H. van Roijen.

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