265 Australian Government to Mackay

Cablegram 169, CANBERRA, 22 June 1948, 5 p.m.

Your 202.

We have replied to a note from the High Commissioner for India, who raised the same question with us, to the following effect:-

(1) We support the Indian proposal in principle, provided the working of the Singapore Bureau as an epidemiological intelligence centre is preserved. (The preservation of Singapore for this purpose is of paramount importance).

(2) We attach great importance to our being included in any South East Asian Area or Sub-Area that might be established.

(3) We consider, however, that, notwithstanding (1) above, the question of final and precise delineation of the area to be encompassed under the Indian proposal might more appropriately be made in the light of the future technical and administrative experience of the Regional Office proposed.

(4) Our delegation to the Assembly has been instructed as above.

[AA : A1838, 383/1/2/1, III]