282 Recommendations of the Tripartite Conference

File note (extract), [CANBERRA, 7 June 1948][1]

RECOMMENDATIONS 1. ASSOCIATION OF BENELUX COUNTRIES IN POLICY REGARDING GERMANY Close association between military governments and Benelux representatives in Germany, on matters affecting Benelux interests.

2. ROLE OF THE GERMAN ECONOMY IN THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY AND CONTROL OF THE RUHR (a) Association of Western Germany with E.R.P. (as stated in communique of March 6th).

(April 16th Bizonia[2] and French Zone included in O.E.E.C.[3] as full members.) (b) Establishment of International Authority for control of the Ruhr. Participation by United Kingdom, United States, France and Benelux. Ruhr not to be politically separated from Germany, but distribution of coal, coke and steel to be controlled.

(c) Ensuring of non-discrimination against foreign interests in Germany.

3. EVOLUTION OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ORGANIZATION OF GERMANY [German people would now resume][4] those governmental responsibilities compatible with requirements [of] occupation and control. Therefore Military Governors and Ministers-President of the western zones to hold a joint meeting at which Ministers-President to be authorized to convene a Constituent Assembly in order to prepare a constitution for approval of the participating states. The form of government to be federal but providing for adequate central authority, and guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of the individual.

(b) Co-ordination of economic policies of combined zones and French Zone. Complete fusion depended on further progress in establishment of necessary German institutions common to the entire area.

4. PROVISIONAL TERRITORIAL ARRANGEMENTS Submission to governments of proposals for minor provisional adjustments in Western frontier of Germany.

5. SECURITY (a) General provisions. Agreement that there would be no general withdrawal from Germany until the peace of Europe secured and without further consultation.

(b) Measures during the period in which the occupying powers retain supreme authority, in Germany. Determination to ensure disarmament and demilitarization re-affirmed.

Military Security Board. To be set up to supervise control.

(c) Measures of the period in which the Occupying Powers retain Supreme Authority in Germany. Prior to general withdrawal agreement will be reached among the powers concerned and a system of inspection established.

[1] The file note is undated. The final communique of the conference was issued on this date.

[2] The United Kingdom - United States combined zones of occupation in Germany.

[3] Organization for European Economic Cooperation.

[4] Words in square brackets added or amended by hand.

[AA : A1838, 29/2/3/7, II]