378 Shedden to Sillitoe

Letter, [LONDON], 21 July 1949


I am forwarding herewith the following documents:-

(i) The papers on security measures in Australia which were the basis of the Australian representations to the United States Authorities and which were passed to the United States Secretary of Defense for detailed examination - (a) A Brief on Aspects of Security in Australia.[1]

(b) A note on the organisation of the Australian Security Service.

(c) The Security Plan of the Long Range Weapons Organisation (Australia), and the Long Range Weapons Organisation Security Review, March 1947 to November 1948.

(ii) A letter of 30th June to Washington forwarding a progress report on aspects of security in Australia which is based on the relative sections of the Brief. A copy of the progress report is also enclosed.

2. In forwarding these documents for your information, in view of the collaboration which has existed with you and your officers on this matter, I would be grateful for an expression of opinion on the adequacy of the security measures they outline, and I would welcome any suggestions for improvement that you may care to make.

3. As the enclosed documents are the only copies I have, I should be glad if they could be returned when you have finished with them.

[1] Document 369.

[AA : A5954, 1795/3]