23rd February, 1928


My dear P.M.,

In the 'Argus' of 14th January I read 'An emphatic statement that the Federal Ministry does not contemplate following the example of Canada in appointing diplomatic representatives in other countries was made yesterday by the Prime Minister'.

The enclosed copy of a despatch from Sir Esme Howard [1] has been passed to me confidentially for transmission to you. It will not be sent on officially. It is difficult to understand what inspired the action that it records. [2]

The fact that the 'Argus' announcement of your policy in this regard and the representations made in Washington are both dated 14th January is a curious and ironic coincidence.

I am, Yours sincerely, R.G. CASEY

1 Ambassador to the United States.

2 Howard stated that he had accompanied Sir Hugh Denison, Australian Commissioner in the United States, to the latter's farewell call on U.S. President Herbert Hoover and Secretary of State Frank Kellogg. At the meeting Denison mentioned that, on his recommendation, the Australian Government intended reappoint an Australian Minister to the United States. Howard, however, had gained the impression from an earlier talk with Bruce that the question of upgrading Australia's representation in the United States had been dismissed due, among other considerations, to the cost involved. The dispatch is in PRO:FO371/12828.