29th February, 1928



My dear P.M.,

I gather that you will come to no decision about your future representation in the U.S. until after you have discussed the matter with Sir Hugh Denison [1]-who will not arrive in Australia until early in May. But in case you are considering attaching a man to the British Embassy-and on the further hypothesis that you are considering me for such a post [2]-I would like to mention a few dates.

The Staff of the British Embassy vacates Washington in a body in June of each year on account of the heat-and goes to Manchester- by-the-Sea in Massachusetts until the end of September. One unfortunate junior member of the Staff is left sitting on a block of ice in Washington to send on important telegrams. This is an unfortunate but unavoidable dislocation as Washington is tropically hot during these months. A certain amount of work is done at Manchester but the Embassy is, of course, out of touch with the American Government. It would therefore not be good value for your man to arrive in Washington before the end of September.

Then comes a personal consideration. There are indications that we are going to have a baby in October, so that it would be more convenient, although not absolutely essential, if the appointment were to be made to start in November. This is, of course, on the quite unwarranted assumption that you are proposing to send me to America. If this is not so, as may well be, then there is no point in this part of this letter.

I write the above as I think it possible that you may in the absence of other knowledge, wish to send a man to Washington say in June or July, which would be, from everyone's point of view, rather a waste of time.

With reference to my present job in London. I would like to say that if you feel that I am of real use to you here-I would be glad to stay on in it for a little longer-particularly if the American appointment does not materialise.

With all good wishes, I am, Yours sincerely, R.G. CASEY

P.S. I would be glad to know your decision in the above matters as soon as convenient-as it would facilitate our plans. [3] At the moment we are living in a furnished flat-which I don't want to continue longer than necessary-under the circumstances!

1 Australian Commissioner in the United States 1926-28.

2 See note 6 to Letter 104.

3 Bruce replied by cable that he hoped to be in a position to answer Casey by the end of May (cable of 16 April 1928 on file AA:A1420).