8th March, 1928


My dear P.M.,

The other letters that I send by this mail are as follows:-

LATIN AMERICA AND THE MONROE DOCTRINE Recording protests by both Argentine and Mexico at the employment of the term 'Monroe Doctrine' in international documents. They take the stand that it is a unilateral declaration to which they have never adhered. [1]

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS-DOMINIONS OFFICE FILES I have been able to get fairly complete copies of the printed correspondence of the Dominions Office on international relations for the years 1926/7.

I had previously sent out the same for 1923, 1924 and 1925. They are well indexed and most useful for reference. Other Dominions do not get these files.

DOMINION NATIONALS Definition of a 'Canadian' and a 'South African', together with cases. I took this up with the Dominions Office as a matter of general interest and send the information for the files in case we are faced, in the future, with having to define ourselves.

DOMINION REPRESENTATION ABROAD Comments on the reported South African move of turning their Trade Commissioners into 'Charge' d'affaires'.

FOREIGN OFFICE LIBRARY MEMORANDA Copies of records of Foreign Office researches into various subjects. I select the subjects from time to time from amongst the multitudinous researches of the Foreign Office Library and have them copied for our files at Canberra.

BRITISH CONSULAR INSTRUCTIONS I send set of complete up-to-date 'Instructions' in volume form, with rules as to revision.

GOVERNOR GENERAL'S TITLE Result of my enquiring at Dominions Office as to the possible employment of the title of 'Viceroy' in Dominions.

COMMUNIST ACTIVITIES Regular weekly letter covering 'Revolutionary Activities' report, together with New Scotland Yard queries and information about dangerous characters going to or from Australia.

RESOLUTIONS OF IMPERIAL CONFERENCE 1926 Recording the progress of the Committee to enquire into King's Power of Disallowance, etc.

FRENCH JOURNALISTS Forwarding an intimate 'Who's Who'.

ARABIA-IRAQ RAIDS Covering summary of the situation and comments.

AIR DEFENCE OF AUSTRALIA Covering memorandum criticising the published object of Sir John Salmond's Visit. [2]

BOOKS FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS LIBRARY Covering list of about 80 volumes purchased secondhand after consultation with the Foreign Office.

TANGIER Covering copies of Villiers' [3] lecture delivered yesterday on the subject to the Imperial Staff College;

instructive and amusing.

GENERAL LETTER This is a weekly omnibus letter recording enclosure of numerous Foreign Office prints and other matters of a more or less routine nature.

I am, Yours sincerely, R.G. CASEY

1 See note 3 to Letter 98.

2 See note 1 to Letter 112.

3 See note 4 to Letter 113.