8th April, 1926


(Due to arrive Melbourne-8.5.26)

My dear P.M.,

I have given a letter of introduction to you to J. Harper Bean, C.B.E., the Managing Director of A. Harper, Sons & Bean, Ltd., who is just setting out on a world trip with Australia as his principal object. His firm is an old established (over 100 years) engineering firm, who have successfully entered the motor-car manufacturing field in this last decade. His sales in Australia have (rather to his surprise and delight) reached big figures and he goes to investigate the field for himself. He has in mind assembling at both Sydney and Melbourne in the near future and eventually (dependent on the enthusiasm and support he encounters on this trip) will, he says, manufacture the greater part of his car in Australia.

He now builds a four-cylinder car which competes with Dodge, and a 25 cwt. truck which competes with the Graham (made by 'Dodge' Company of America) Truck. He has in view a six-cylinder car which is to compete with Buick.

I understand that he is the active head of the firm and as he apparently means to actively pursue the Australian business, I think it might be good policy for you to see him if you have time.

I have to acknowledge your letter of the 23rd February saying that you have given a letter of introduction to me to Major Greene. [1] I will certainly look after him as far as I can when he arrives.

This Easter period is particularly dull. Everybody is away and as I have not been very fit for the last week, I am taking the opportunity of taking a few days at Eastbourne. This is to explain the absence of any letters from me by this mail. I have several things in hand for you but none of them yet in anything like a state to send you.

I am, Yours sincerely, R. G. CASEY

1 Joseph Bertram Greene, Sydney businessman. He was a younger brother of Senator Sir Walter Massy Greene, several times a minister in Bruce and Lyons governments in the inter-war period.