117 Minute From Crawford To Westerman

21st October, 1955


At the meeting [1] with the Japanese Ambassador and Mr Uyama, attended by Mr Meere and Mr Tange, the following agreement was reached:

(1) The talks at which you and Mr Heyes will represent the Commonwealth will be of an informal character, both sides regarding them as exploratory of the problems facing both countries. It will be a matter for later decision whether the talks should develop into more formal discussions or negotiations.

(2) The opposite numbers for you and Heyes will be Messrs Yamamoto and Uyama.

(3) The first meeting will take place on Monday, 31st October, at 11 a.m. at Trade and Customs Conference Room, thereafter at such times and places as are convenient to you all.

(4) By private arrangement with Mr Tange, should questions relating to Japanese businessmen, Japanese banking or triangular relations with the United States come up, you would suggest deferment of the questions pending participation in the talks of an External Affairs representative.

1 See the penultimate paragraph of Document 115. The date of the meeting is unknown.