147 Australia-Japan Trade Negotiations: Requests On Australia By

29th August, 1956


Moved by a desire to promote and maintain commerce and trade between Japan and Australia at the highest possible level, and having agreed to the Australian Government's proposal to exchange the requests of both Governments regarding those matters which they wish to include in a trade agreement between the two countries, the Japanese Embassy, on behalf of its home Government, submits to the Australian Government its requests concerning

Japanese exports to Australia which are set forth as follows:

(1) That the Australian Government will apply G.A.T.T. provisions to commerce and trade between Japan and Australia, extending particularly Most-Favoured-Nation treatment with respect to customs tariff to Japanese products which are imported in the Australian markets, and

(2) That the Australian Government will abolish the discriminatory treatment in the licensing of certain Japanese commodities mentioned in the Reserved List [1], thereby placing Japanese commodities on not less favourable footing than those from other non-dollar countries in the import licensing system.

1 See Annex C to Document 181.

[AA : A1838/283, 759/1/7, iv]