215 Cablegram From Menzies To Mcewen

24th June, 1957



High Commissioner has received the following telegram.


The Rayon Weaving Association at its annual general meeting in Manchester today instructed me to express too its deep concern, which cannot be over emphasised, at the prospect of British textiles being ousted from Australian markets by Japanese textiles under the new trade treaty contemplated by the Australian and Japanese Governments. Not only will this inflict the most serious injury on us in the British textile industry but any appreciable reduction in British exports to Australia is always likely in the course of events to lead to a reduction in Australian exports to Britain. We find it hard to understand that the Australian Government should adopt a policy of showing such marked preference for trade with Japan to trade with Britain and we urge the Australian Government most earnestly to reconsider so injurious a step. Marwick Director.


I think it is important that I be clear on this subject and I should like an appreciation of it which I could refer to if necessary.

[AA : A1838/283, 759/1/7, vi]