49 Letter From Casey To Mcleay

15th January, 1954

I think that you should have at once the attached copy of an Aide Memoire left at my Department by the Japanese Ambassador on 14th January, 1954, on the subject of Japanese-Australian trade, with particular reference to wheat.

You may recall that on 5th November, 1953, the Japanese Government handed to our Embassy in Tokyo a Note requesting the initiation of informal talks between our two Governments on trade matters. [1] Subsequently, there was a discussion on this Note at an inter- departmental committee, and officials are still examining the points raised.

Perhaps you will agree that the representations of the Japanese Ambassador are sufficiently urgent and important to warrant discussion at our forthcoming meeting of Cabinet.

I am sending copies of the Japanese Note to the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Ministers for Trade and Customs and National Development.

1 Document 46.