98 Note From Department Of External Affairs To Japanese Embassy

5th April, 1955


The Department of External Affairs presents its compliments to the Embassy of Japan and has the honour to refer to the latter's note of 30th December, 1954 [1], in which the Embassy requested further details of the matters which the Australian Government has in mind for discussion with Japan at the talks referred to in the Australian note of 17th November, 1954 [2], directed towards the examination of mutual trade problems.

The Department of External Affairs appreciates the desire of the Government of Japan for clarification. After the changes in the GATT, resulting from the review recently completed in Geneva, have been considered by Governments concerned, the Australian Government will be in a better position to determine its attitude towards the proposals involving formal trade or tariff negotiations. The Department considers that, in the meantime, there would be mutual advantages in arranging informal and purely exploratory talks between the Embassy and Australian officials representing the Departments primarily concerned.

If this proposal is acceptable to the Embassy, the Department would be glad to make the necessary arrangements for these talks.

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2 Document 90.

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