11 Note by Australian Delegation, United Nations

New York, 9 February 1951

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International Control of Atomic Energy

Course of the Debate

The joint resolution was introduced by Australia, which opened the debate on the item.1 The Australian representative2 paid a tribute to President Truman as having given a lead to the proposal, and recalled the principles for disarmament which the President had mentioned and which the joint resolution reaffirmed. He went on to say that although the two Commissions had done useful work, they had failed to make any real progress towards planning for disarmament. In these circumstances of deadlock, it might be useful if a new start could be made by combining their functions in a single body. Further, disarmament was a single problem, and should be approached as such. Although the first duty of the free world was to build up its strength so that aggression could be met with effective force, attempts to reach agreement on disarmament were still necessary and should be preserved.

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[NAA: A1838, 720/1 part 5]