196 Cablegram from Embassy in Vienna to Department of Foreign Affairs

Canberra, 6 June 1974

1025. Confidential

Indian Nuclear Explosion: Zangger Committee and IAEA Board

Long lunchtime discussion produced many themes but no very clear pattern. Main points follow.

(a) Zangger Committee

2. Except for South Africa there seemed general agreement that Committee should agree on action on existing trigger lists as soon as possible, regarding Indian explosion as lending urgency to this but not reopening the lists nor inviting India to attend. Indians as consumers would then be covered by Zangger undertakings, while as suppliers attempt could be made to bring them in as with French and Russians. But to invite them in would risk upsetting progress so far (they would probably take a French type position) as well as legitimising their explosion.

3. United States have decided there is no use waiting further for the French and will press hard for earliest action. United Kingdom however want to give new French Government a chance at least to reply to outstanding approach to them.

[matter omitted]

[NAA: A1838, 720/5/7 part 3]