291 Cablegram to New York

Canberra, 23 October 1975,6.45 p.m.


Portuguese Timor

Ref. O.JA24621

We take it that Campbell already has enough briefing for his discussion with Moerdani. It seems to us here that the main points that we need to get over to the Indonesians about United Nations involvement in Portuguese Timor are:

  1. We think that some sort of United Nations involvement in Portuguese Timor at some stage relatively soon is inevitable.
  2. In these circumstances, we should like to exchange ideas with them about how the problem of Portuguese Timor might be approached in the United Nations.
  3. There is no Australian planning to take an initiative in the United Nations on Portuguese Timor.

Despite the rather negative response we have met with in conversation with Foreign Ministry officials in Jakarta on point (b), there are other signs that the Indonesians may in fact have taken it on board and are moving towards some contingency planning about discussion of Portuguese Timor in the United Nations.

[NAA: Al0463, 801113/11/1, xv]