398 Cablegram to Canberra

Jakarta, 12 January 1976


Timor: Special Representative of the Secretary General

Akosah (Foreign Ministry) told us today that the tentative program for Wmspeare's visit included calls on the President, Malik and round table talks with officials. Winspeare has apparently agreed to use the Pelita aircraft.1 He will not be accompanied by Indonesian officials.

  1. In Kupang Winspeare will have talks with a representative of the provisional government in Dili about his program in East Timor. Akosah said that the Foreign Ministry's responsibility for the visit ended in Kupang. After Kupang he would be in the hands of the provisional government.


  1. In addition to pursuing the charade about their involvement in East Timor the Indonesians seem to hope that Winspeare's visit can be used to add credibility to the provisional government.

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