41 Minute from Arriens to Furlonger and Dan

Jakarta, 30 September 1974


Discussion with Harry Tjan

I saw Harry Tjan this morning. The following were the main points of interest, some of which I expect you will wish to have cabled.

Portuguese Timor

  1. Tjan said that he had now developed what he called a 'grand design' on the future of Portuguese Timor, which had been submitted to the President. The first stage consists of securing legal access by Indonesia to Portuguese Timor through economic cooperation. Australia will be invited by Indonesia and Portugal to join in this cooperation. The second stage will be to invite the UN to send a team to inspect conditions in Portuguese Timor. At the earliest this would take place in 1975, but probably not unti11976. The third stage would be a referendum, the result of which would be ensured by the territory's exposure to Indonesian influence.
  2. Tjan said that the President had endorsed the plan as the 'basic guidelines' for Indonesian policy. It still remained, however, for the plan to be converted into operational terms by Ali Murtopo.1

[matter omitted]

[NAA: A10463, 801/13/1111, iii]