6. Processing

6.1 Turn-around times

Standard turnaround times for notarial acts are between over the counter to three working days. Turn around times will be recorded in the signature and seals database so that we can report on how many acts were met within three working days. While we recognise the difficulty in meeting this turn-around time consistently due to the variation and complexity of documents and the need to obtain specimen signatures; the vast majority should be able to be met within that timeframe. Should there be genuine reasons for delay, the signature and seals database allows for these reasons to be recorded.

6.2 Return of Documents

Documents should be returned by normal mail. Clients requiring a document to be returned by express or registered post should provide an express/registered post envelope when submitting a document.

Where a client requires the urgent return of a document, they will need to make their own arrangements for a pre-paid envelope to be delivered and/or picked up by a courier company. Some State offices (but not Canberra) can offer EMS international courier for return of documents if the client pays for this service.

The diplomatic bag should not be used for return of documents overseas.

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