Trade in services Australia

Published twice yearly in calendar year and financial year format

This publication is part of a set of trade statistical publications released annually by DFAT. It presents statistical data describing the composition and direction of Australia's services trade.

Data partly sourced from official ABS data and includes details of the composition and direction of Australia's overall service trade and global trade in services. Performance figures are listed by service type, country and region, with separate trade statistics sections devoted to areas such as travel, education, direct investment, and information, communication and technology. The report includes state and territory data.

Most tables in these publications are on a three to five year basis.

An accessible version of these documents is available on request.


Trade in services Australia 2013 (PDF 4 MB)


Trade in services Australia 2012—13 (PDF 2.43 MB)

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For information on merchandise trade see Composition of Trade.

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