Recent trade statistical articles and information papers

Title Related publication Date published
Changes to ABS merchandise export statistics and its impact on partner country aggregates as at August 2014 [PDF 23 KB] | [DOCX 78 KB] Not applicable August 2014
Australia's foreign affiliates trade in services [PDF 153 KB] Trade in services 2013 August 2014
Australia's imports of aircraft & parts - update for 2013 [PDF 23 KB] Composition of Trade 2013 June 2014
Impact of ABS confidential restrictions on exports of Nickel - 2013 update [PDF 23 KB] Composition of Trade 2013 June 2014
Low value threshold goods [PDF 23 KB] Composition of Trade 2013 June 2014
Forthcoming changes to DFAT's trade statistical publications and products [PDF 65 KB] Composition of Trade 2012-13 December 2013
Australia's trade in services with Singapore [PDF 850 KB] Trade in Services 2012 July 2013
Trade in value added (TIVA) [PDF 195 KB] Composition of Trade 2012 June 2013
Australia’s trade in passenger services [PDF 176 KB] Trade in Services 2011-12 March 2013

Australia’s exports to China - 2001 to 2011 [PDF 375 KB]

Australian merchandise exports by level of processing to China - TRIEC [XLSX 111 KB]

Australian merchandise exports to China based on the UN SITCr4 [XLSX 316 KB]

Composition of Trade, Australia 2011-12 December 2012
Australia’s Resources exports 2001 to 2011 [PDF 96 KB] Composition of Trade, Australia 2011 July 2012
Australia’s Coal and Iron ore exports 2001 to 2011 [PDF 63 KB] Composition of Trade, Australia 2011 July 2012
Australia's Trade Performance 1990-91 to 2010-11 [PDF 279 KB] Not applicable March 2012
Australia's Trade in Services with the United States [PDF 152 KB] Trade in Services Australia 2010-11 February 2012
Great East Japan Earthquake - economic and trade impact [PDF 244 KB] Composition of Trade, Australia 2010-11 December 2011
Australia's Outward Finance and Insurance Foreign Affiliates Trade in Services, 2009-10 [PDF 340 KB] Trade in Services, Australia 2010 August 2011
Australia's gold industry: trade, production and outlook [PDF 146KB] Composition of Trade, Australia 2010 June 2011
Analysis of Australia's Education exports [PDF 204KB] Trade in Services, Australia 2009-10 March 2011
Confidentiality in Australian merchandise export statistics [PDF 92KB] Composition of Trade, Australia 2008 May 2009
Trade in services statistics – The Australian Experience [PDF 362KB] Not applicable February 2007
Australia's outwards foreign affiliates services trade: 2002-03 [PDF 265KB] Trade in Services, Australia 2003-04 May 2005