Non-Agricultural Trade

Non-agricultural trade (which includes industrial, forestry and seafood products) accounts for around 90 per cent of global trade in goods.

Australia is actively involved in relevant WTO committees, such as the Technical Barriers to Trade Committee and the Import Licensing Committee, to address non-tariff barriers to trade in non-agricultural goods.

Australia is playing a leadership role in concluding negotiations to expand the product coverage and membership of the WTO Information Technology Agreement, in order to build on the contribution this agreement has made to promoting trade and investment and driving innovation.

Australia's manufactures exports

($ billion)

A$36,942b in 2002; A$33,452b in 2003; A$34,036b in 2004; A$37,090b in 2005; A$42,046b in 2006; A$45,343b in 2007; A$47,162b in 2008; A$38,816b in 2009; A$40,477b in 2010; A$41,670b in 2011; A$40,398b in 2012

Based on ABS catalogue 5368.0.