Look up FTA tariffs - DFAT FTA portal

DFAT’s FTA Portal is a comprehensive resource for exporters and importers looking to explore the benefits of Australia’s current free trade agreements and how to apply for preferential treatment under those FTAs.

You can access the FTA Portal at ftaportal.dfat.gov.au.

How to use the FTA Portal

Simply search for the type of product (or relevant HS code), the direction of trade and the country you are exporting to or importing from. The FTA Portal will assist you to find:

  • whether your product benefits from tariff rate cuts under an FTA
  • how to apply for a reduced tariff rate, noting this is not an automatic process but requires your product to meet the 'rules of origin' for the FTA
  • how to get a certificate of origin for your goods under the FTA
  • useful statistics about the import market for your product in the selected country.

How do I find my product?

You can search for your product in two ways:

  • HS code — this is an internationally recognised product classification code issued by the World Customs Organization under its Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System. An HS code uniquely identifies the type of good you are exporting.
  • Keyword — if you don’t know the HS code, simply enter some keywords associated with your product and select the most relevant HS classification from the list that appears.

Get started

Access DFAT’s FTA Portal at ftaportal.dfat.gov.au. No registration is required.

Last Updated: 12 October 2017