General review of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA

The ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA) has been delivering tangible benefits to Australian businesses since entering into force in 2010. AANZFTA is among Australia’s most ambitious free trade agreements to date.

The AANZFTA Agreement contains a provision for Parties to undertake a General Review of the Agreement in 2016. At the ASEAN Economic Ministers-Closer Economic Relations Consultations in August 2016 in Vientiane, Lao PDR, Ministers endorsed the Terms of Reference for Conducting the General Review of AANZFTA [PDF 115 KB], and agreed to begin the review in 2017.

At the 22nd ASEAN Economic Ministers-Closer Economic Relations Consultations in September 2017 in Manila, Philippines, Ministers welcomed the AANZFTA General Review Stage One Report, assessing implementation of the Agreement to date, and tasked officials to release a public version. For Stage Two of the Review, officials will provide recommendations to Ministers in August 2018 on how to upgrade and improve AANZFTA.

AANZFTA General Review – Stage One Report (public version – October 2017) [PDF 1.8 MB]

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade attaches importance to the views of the public on the General Review of AANZFTA, and welcomes submissions from all interested stakeholders.

The Review is an opportunity to develop recommendations for AANZFTA to continue to meet the needs of Australian business and provide a relevant platform for Australia’s regional engagement with ASEAN and New Zealand. We are interested in receiving stakeholder views on:

  • ways in which AANZFTA has benefitted your business/organisation
  • improvements that could be made in areas of commitment already included in AANZFTA
  • new areas that could be included in AANZFTA to enhance the quality of the agreement
  • how AANZFTA could enhance closer economic integration among ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand
  • the role and delivery of economic cooperation activities under AANZFTA

Following is an indicative checklist of issues to assist the preparation of submissions:

  • difficulties in utilising AANZFTA
  • problems exporting goods to all, some, or specific AANZFTA countries including: continuance of high tariffs for particular products; import licensing or other requirements; customs-related problems; Standards, Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment Procedures-related issues; issues relating to Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures; and any other non-tariff measures affecting trade in goods
  • problems in supplying services to all, some or specific AANZFTA countries, including: discriminatory treatment and/or market access restrictions which affect your ability to service customers; professional qualifications of your staff/workers not being recognised by local authorities
  • any difficulties or regulatory restrictions when delivering an e-service/product in AANZFTA countries
  • problems with investing in all, some or any specific AANZFTA countries, including restrictions affecting your ability to invest
  • any issues relating to the protection or enforcement of intellectual property rights in AANZFTA countries
  • issues relating to anti-competitive practices in AANZFTA markets

Please send submissions to

All submissions will be made publicly available on the DFAT website unless the author specifies otherwise.


Last Updated: 24 November 2017