Guidance on preparing submissions for the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA)

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade welcomes public submissions and comment on a possible Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA).Your written submission may take several forms - from a short email through to a more comprehensive analytical paper.

In your submission, you may wish to focus on specific market access challenges and other issues of importance in the Indonesian commercial operating environment, particularly with respect to trade in goods and services, and investment. Alternatively, you may wish to raise more general issues associated with the impact of a CEPA on Australia. In particular, the department would welcome information on interests and issues in relation to economic cooperation with Indonesia.

Overall, the Government is inviting stakeholders to consider and comment on the commercial, economic, regional and other impacts that could be expected to arise from Australia's participation in an IA-CEPA.

In terms of goods (merchandise) trade, we are interested in gauging stakeholder views concerning issues associated with market access including, but not limited to, tariffs, import licencing, technical barriers to trade (for example certification and standards) and rules of origin issues.

In the case of services, stakeholder views might include comment on issues such as foreign equity limitations and other conditions, qualifications recognition, limitations on branch offices, licensing, and visa and residency issues. In the area of investment, we would welcome stakeholder views on issues including, but not limited to, conditions and restrictions on foreign investment (including in particular sectors), transfers of capital and profit repatriation, joint venture regulations and licence requirements.

We also welcome your views on any cross-sectoral problems that you anticipate, or have encountered, in doing business with Indonesia that could be addressed through the CEPA. These concerns may include intellectual property rights, transparency of government regulations, tendering processes, government procurement or competition-related issues. Observations based on past experience in Indonesia or in other markets that may have some bearing upon the proposed CEPA negotiations would be received with interest.

In making your submission, please indicate whether you or your organisation agree to your submission being made publicly available — unless notified otherwise, we intend to place submissions on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Interested parties are encouraged to lodge their submissions by Friday 18 February 2011, although submissions will continue to be accepted after this date. Those intending to submit are encouraged to do so either by:

  • Email:
  • Fax: +61 2 6261 2187
  • Mail:
    Free Trade Agreement Division
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    RG Casey Building
    John McEwen Crescent
    Barton ACT 0221
Last Updated: 3 September 2011