Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

Launch of negotiations - November 2010

Indonesia-Australia Business Partnership Group Phase II

The IA-BPG is a platform for Australian and Indonesian businesses to come together to discuss joint interests and provide recommendations to government on the trade relationship.

Phase-I of the IA-BPG led to a 2012 report to the Indonesian and Australian Governments calling for an ambitious IA-CEPA agreement. Phase-II of the project has now been launched, and a refreshed set of recommendations is due to be released in June 2016.

A series of mutually beneficial economic cooperation programs will be developed alongside IA-CEPA to support momentum in the negotiations and demonstrate the benefits of a closer economic relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

Please contact the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for more information on how to feed into the IA-BPG process.


In addition to the IA-BPG process, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade welcomes submissions from stakeholders on all aspects of trade with Indonesia in order to inform the IA-CEPA negotiating agenda.

In particular, information is sought on specific interests and issues in relation to Australia’s trade, investment and economic cooperation with Indonesia. We would also welcome information on barriers to trade and investment faced by Australian goods and services exporters and investors in Indonesia, as well as experiences with economic cooperation activities.

We thank those who have made earlier submissions, many of which continue to be listed on this website (see Public Submissions). If your submission was made prior to 2016 we would be grateful for your confirmation that it remains current.

Guidance on preparing new or revised submissions


Guiding Principles, Objectives and Organisation of Negotiations

Indonesia and Australia agreed the Guiding Principles, Objectives and Organisation of Negotiations for IA-CEPA at the first round of negotiations. This will serve as an ongoing reference document throughout the course of negotiations.

IA-CEPA: Guiding Principles, Objectives and Organisation of Negotiations

Indonesia-Australia Business Partnership Group (IA-BPG) Position Paper

The IA-BPG presented its Position Paper on Considerations Towards the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement to both governments in November 2012.

IA-BPG Position Paper [PDF 2 MB]

AusAID Discussion Paper - Trade, aid and development in Indonesia

In February 2011, AusAID released a discussion paper on trade, aid and development in Indonesia.

The paper considers issues relevant to the trade, aid and development policy agenda.

Joint Feasibility Study

In August 2007, Australia and Indonesia commenced a joint feasibility study to examine the merits of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA). That study was completed and publicly released in April 2009:

Australia-Indonesia FTA Joint Feasibility Study [PDF 472 KB]

The feasibility study, which included an independent economic modelling component, examined the potential impact of an FTA on Australian and Indonesian economic growth, trade, investment, commercial linkages and competitiveness.

Estimating the impact of an Australia–Indonesia trade and investment agreement [PDF 1.12 MB] - Centre for International Economics, January 2009

The study found that a comprehensive FTA covering trade and investment would provide worthwhile economic benefits for both countries. It shows that the greatest gains would be achieved under an FTA that eliminated all tariff and non-tariff barriers to bilateral trade and investment. It also finds that an FTA would be an opportunity to accelerate and deepen the integration of the Australian and Indonesian economies — the two largest in the region.

The study further concludes that a bilateral FTA would complement and build on Australia's other links with Indonesia. These include: close security cooperation under the umbrella of the Lombok Treaty (2008); extensive people to people links which would naturally benefit from intensified economic engagement; and the dynamic Australia-Indonesia Development Partnership.

Indonesia-Australia FTA Feasibility Study - Background Paper for Industry Consultations - 17 October 2007

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