The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is committed to delivering strong support for Australian business, working closely with portfolio partners—Austrade, Tourism Australia, ACIAR, EFIC—and other agencies. This page provides business with useful information, resources and updates.

The Charter on Economic Diplomacy and Australian Business guides DFAT’s activities in support of Australian business.

Business Envoy

Business Envoy

Business Envoy is a quarterly online publication that connects DFAT with business. It provides Australian business with a direct line to the Australian Government’s global diplomatic network, offering perspectives and insights on the economic and market impacts of geopolitical events and trends. Business Envoy draws on reporting and advice from Australian embassies and high commissions in key trade and investment markets, as well as analysis and assessments on international issues from DFAT in Canberra.

Free trade agreements

Australia and Korea signing the FTA

Australia enters into free trade agreements to:

  • Improve two-way trade with trading partners.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of Australian business in overseas markets through eliminating or reducing tariffs and behind-the-border barriers that impede the flow of goods, services and investment.
  • Help business access cheaper inputs and new technologies to improve productivity, innovation and competition.
  • Enhance the attractiveness of Australia as an investment destination.
  • Improve access to inwards and outwards investment opportunities.

Working with Australia’s aid program

aid workers wearing mining hats and orange jumpsuits

Your engagement can:

  • Improve the business environment in developing countries.
  • Strengthen markets and build partnerships with business in developing countries.
  • Contribute to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

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Contacts for Austrade can be found on the Austrade website.

Last Updated: 18 December 2017

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Business Envoy is a quarterly online publication that connects DFAT with business.


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