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26 November 2015

2015 Australian Export Awards

Minister Robb will announce the winners of the Australian Export Awards later this week, from 74 finalists representing family-owned businesses to large listed corporations. The finalists generated almost $2b in export sales in 2014-15 and more than half “identified at least one of the new FTA markets as a key export destination,” Mr Robb said.

Aviation agreement with UAE announced

From October 2016, Australian and UAE airlines will be able to increase their services by an additional 28 flights each week, which is expected to boost tourism, education, trade and investment connectivity. Australia’s total trade with the UAE in 2014-15 was $9.3b.

When is trade openness not enough?

Is trade openness alone a sufficient enabler for growth, job creation and poverty reduction? This article explores the important relationship between trade openness and competitiveness, suggesting the “competitiveness of an economy determines how well it can convert the potential that openness offers into opportunities”.

Online tools and reports for Australian exporters

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has released a summary of helpful online tools and reports available for exporters. These include the Advancing Trade Development report, Shanghai Free Trade Zone app and report, FTA tool, Demystifying Korea app and more. Visit the ECA website for further information.

Queensland produce taking off to Asia

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport recently trialled its first cargo flight to Hong Kong, carrying a range of produce such as frozen beef and nuts. The private airport’s close proximity to Asia, combined with the new ChAFTA opportunities, represents huge potential for Queensland producers.

Café empire expands into Indonesia

Salvatore Malatesta, owner of Melbourne based ST. ALi café has plans to expand his café empire into Jakarta. The coffee evangelist said Indonesia’s love affair with coffee presented exciting trade and investment opportunities for Australia.

Did you know…

The best region for growing coffee is known as the ‘bean belt’ which is situated between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

-----Upcoming Trade Events----

North Asia Free Trade Agreements Information Seminars:  VIC | QLD

If you are a current or prospective exporter don’t miss these free, interactive sessions which explain practical benefits your business could realise from Australia’s historic FTAs with our three largest export markets – China, Japan and Korea.

Inaugural Australia-US Business week

Minister Robb will lead an Australian business delegation for a series of high level trade, investment and tourism events in the US in 2016. The inaugural Australia-US Business week is a major initiative to increase Australia’s business links with the world’s largest economy. Businesses can register interest online.

Visit the DFAT trade website for more on Australian trade, including FTA updates, the latest trade statistics and the Trade Talk archives.

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Last Updated: 17 September 2015

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