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28 November 2014

New Colombo Plan expands in 2015

More than 3,000 students from 37 Australian universities will live, study and work in the Indo-Pacific region during the second year of the Government’s New Colombo Plan. “The expansion of the New Colombo Plan in 2015 reflects the Plan’s aims of lifting knowledge of the region in Australia”, said Minister Bishop.

FM Media Release: New Colombo Plan mobility grants announced

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) to further investment opportunities

ChAFTA will encourage Chinese foreign investment in Australia by raising the Foreign Investment Review Board screening threshold for private companies from China. China was the eighth largest source of investment (stock) in Australia in 2013.

Austrade Investor Update: China-Australia FTA set to enhance investment opportunities

ChAFTA paves the way for Australian services export boom

ChAFTA provides greater access for a range of Australian services industries to the large and growing Chinese market, including financial services, professional services, and education. Australia exported $7.5 billion of services in 2013-14 to China, making it a critical destination for services exports.

ASR Media Release: China Australia Free Trade Agreement paves the way for Australian services export boom

Short term international visitor arrivals soar to new levels

International arrivals to Australia continued to register strong growth, up 8.2% in the 12 months to September 2014. This has been driven primarily by the strong performing Leisure sector, with Holiday and Visiting Friends & Relatives segments up 10% and 13% respectively.

Tourism Australia: Quarterly Market Update November 2014


Australia and Asia: The power of proximity

Nearly half a century ago Geoffrey Blainey’s ‘The Tyranny of Distance’ argued the large distance between Australia, Europe and the US made Australia’s future economic prosperity unsure. The economic rise of Asia has seen this ‘Tyranny of Distance’ replaced by the ‘Power of Proximity’ writes Tim Harcourt.

OECD Observer:  Australia and Asia: The power of proximity

OECD Observer Infographic:  Australia’s exports by destination

China and New Zealand set trade target

China and New Zealand agreed to a trade target of $NZD 30 billion by 2020 (currently $22 billion) during a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to New Zealand. The countries also signed 10 bilateral agreements, including one allowing New Zealanders to work on television productions to be aired on Chinese media.

ABC News: China and New Zealand set trade target, sign deal on television co-productions

This Thanksgiving, USTR is thankful for record-breaking American agriculture exports

The past six years have represented the strongest ever period of growth for American agricultural exports. Last year, American farmers and ranchers exported a record $148 billion of food and agriculture goods to consumers worldwide.

USTR Blog: This Thanksgiving, USTR is thankful for: Record-Breaking American Agriculture Exports

Did you know?

Australia exported over $1.13 million of turkey meat in 2013-14. The top export destinations included Papua New Guinea, Namibia and Benin.

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