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Tugboat & shipSouth Australia is Australia's top wine exporter. It has world-class wine technology and services expertise. South Australia has a growing mining sector and is strong in food production. The state is also home to automotive, defence and electronics exporting industries.

About South Australia

South Australia's goods and services exports were valued at $14 billion in 2011, growing on average 3 per cent every year for the last five years. Key exports for South Australia in 2011 were wheat, copper and wine. The state accounted for 4.6 per cent of Australia's total exports in 2011.

2010-11 economic indicators

Estimated resident population (September 2011): 1,659,818

Real Gross State Product growth (%): 2.4

Proportion of Australian GDP (%): 6.4

Why South Australia trades

How the Australian Government encourages South Australia's trade

The Australian Government is helping South Australian exporters to become even more competitive by further reforming the domestic economy. The Government is investing in skills, education, the National Broadband Network and other infrastructure, as well as engaging in tax reform and cutting regulatory red tape.

The Government is also working to increase market access and improve conditions for exporters overseas by advancing multilateral trade liberalisation through the World Trade Organization, facilitating greater regional trade, and removing bilateral trade barriers.

South Australia and Australia's FTAs

Information and contacts

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Advancing Australia's interests overseas

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08 8403 4899

State government contact

Information for new and existing exporters
13 28 78

Australia's Free Trade Agreements

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