Foreign Policy White Paper


The Australian Government is committed to the delivery of a White Paper that sets out a comprehensive framework for our international engagement for the next five to ten years.

The White Paper will define our economic, security and foreign policy interests and examine global trends.

The Terms of Reference set out the purpose, objectives, deliverables and governance arrangements for the White Paper.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs will lead the development of the White Paper, in consultation with the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment and other ministers.

A cross-agency taskforce has been established within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to develop the White Paper, to be overseen by a whole-of-government board.

Public consultation will be key to ensuring the White Paper represents the interests of all Australians. The Government welcomes public submissions and will consult experts, business and the public so we are informed by the best possible advice from all parts of the community. The Commonwealth Government will collaborate close with State and Territory Governments.