Annual Aid Evaluation Plan

8 October 2018

The Office of Development Effectiveness has reviewed the progress of the 2018 DFAT Aid Evaluation Plan. As a result of this review the number of evaluations to be published in 2018 has been revised from 56 to 48. This includes five strategic evaluations to be published by the ODE and 43 program evaluations.

The review found some of the planned evaluations had been delayed for a range of operational reasons. In some cases other new evaluations have been included in the revised Plan. 

The 2018 Aid Evaluation Plan is more ambitious than the 2017 Plan. Despite the revisions we still aim to publish more evaluations with management responses than we published in 2017, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to learning, accountability and transparency.

As outlined in DFAT's Aid Evaluation Policy, each year ODE will compile DFAT's Annual Aid Evaluation Plan.

The 2018 Annual Aid Evaluation Plan outlines the evaluations which will be completed by DFAT in calendar year 2018. It includes strategic evaluations to be completed by ODE and program evaluations to be commissioned by country and regional aid programs.

The Plan has been endorsed by the Independent Evaluation Committee and approved by the DFAT Secretary.

Last Updated: 8 October 2018