Current AJF Funding Priorities (from the AJF’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022)

To achieve its objectives, the AJF will prioritise high quality programs particularly, but not exclusively, across any one of the three cross-cutting themes: Youth, Gender, Diversity and Inclusion; and Innovation. Projects will come under the following priority areas (in alphabetical order):

  • Communication, Information and Advocacy: Projects will promote an accurate and positive image of Australia in Japan, highlight the enduring nature of the bilateral relationship and increase public understanding of the importance of the Australia-Japan relationship in both countries.
  • Economic Diplomacy and Geopolitics: Projects will facilitate informed discussion among policy-makers, business groups and academic opinion leaders on the importance and potential of the Australia-Japan business, economic and geopolitical relationships to each country.
  • Education and Australian Studies: Projects will promote Australia’s strong education and training credentials, for example, through alumni engagement and opportunities to provide in-country exposure to Australian education and training capabilities; and support for the teaching of Australian studies in Japan and the maintenance and expansion of Japanese academic interest and expertise on Australia.
  • Scientific Innovation: Exchanges between potential Australian and Japanese individual and institutional collaborators and partners in sectors that promote Australian excellence such as in innovation, science, health and technology. Promotion of Australian expertise in scientific research, technology, sports medicine and other sports-related scientific innovation. AJF will not fund science research in itself.
  • Society and Culture: Projects will encourage new social and cultural exchange and cooperation initiatives between Australian and Japanese professional, community and other institutions which highlight Australian excellence and expertise in Japan and enhances mutual understanding, friendship and respect. Projects will promote Australia as a contemporary, creative, successful, diverse and tolerant nation; and an attractive place to work, study, visit and live. Projects will also promote Japan as a highly complementary partner with shared values and interests. Arts/culture projects would be a collaboration between Australian and Japanese partners with proven records of excellence and demonstrate innovative ideas and/or approaches.
Last Updated: 16 January 2020