2019 Aid Supplier Conference

26 July 2018

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is pleased to announce its third annual Aid Supplier Conference will be held on Thursday 21 February 2019.

The Conference will highlight partnerships in aid development procurement and policy. The event will create a forum for a diverse group from the international aid and development community to share ideas and insights.

This is a free event for delegates from the aid development community.

We are now accepting registrations.

Your contact information will be shared amongst the registered attendee's. Please advise if you do not wish to share your details via email to: supplier.engagement@dfat.gov.au.

Key dates

Conference date: Thursday 21st of February

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If you register for the conference and do not receive a confirmation by email, please contact the conference organisers via email at supplier.engagement@dfat.gov.au.

We have timed our Aid Supplier Conference to follow (but be separate from) ANU’s Australasian Aid Conference, to be held on 19 and 20 February, as many of you will be interested in attending both events. Details of the ANU’s conference can be found here.

Last Updated: 11 September 2018

Darren Sharp, Assistant Secretary, Contracting Services Branch presenting at the 2018 Aid Supplier Conference. Photo Credit: Olivia Bundic.