Anticipated calls for proposals in health security Pacific and Southeast Asia

1 March 2019

DFAT is undertaking a design process for calls for proposals to address health security issues in the Pacific and Southeast Asia that have been identified through scoping processes (see background).

Priorities identified in health workforce; laboratory strengthening; incident management; public health surveillance and health information systems; anti-microbial resistance and infection control; and vector control.

These calls for proposals are the main way that DFAT intends to respond to the issues identified in the scoping processes.

DFAT will publish the request for proposals on the Business Opportunities webpage and on the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security home page in in the first half of 2019. The request for proposals will provide further information on the specific areas identified in scoping missions that DFAT intends to address through the calls, as well as eligibility requirements.


For more information visit the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security website


The Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security Pacific (the Centre) and Southeast Asia scoping Missions were conducted in 2018 by independent health security experts. The missions reported on the state of health security in the region and recommendations for investments by the Centre. Between October and December 2018, the Centre convened a series of six domestic consultative workshops. Participants in these workshops were invited to delve into and discuss key health security issues to help inform the Centre about what actions we can take to strengthen health security in the region.

Last Updated: 3 April 2019