State office directors

Director New South Wales State Office, Ms Trudy WitbreukMs Trudy Witbreuk

Biography of Ms Trudy Witbreuk

Download the photo of Ms Trudy Witbreuk

Director Northern Territory Office, Ms Cecilia BrennanMs Cecilia Brennan

Biography of Cecilia Brennan

Director Queensland State Office, Mr Derek BrownMs Derek Brown

Biography of Derek Brown

Director South Australia State Office, Ms Elizabeth DayMs Elizabeth Day

Biography of Elizabeth Day

Download the photo of Elizabeth Day [JPG 541 KB]

Director Tasmania State Office, Dr Timothy AultTimothy Ault

Biography of Timothy Ault

Download the photo of Timothy Ault [JPG 448 KB]

Director Victoria State Office, Ms Jenny BloomfieldMs Jenny Bloomfield

Biography of Jenny Bloomfield

Download the photo of Jenny Bloomfield [JPG 47 KB]

Director Western Australia State Office, Ms Kate LonghurstMs Kate Longhurst

Biography of Kate Longhurst

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Last Updated: 9 October 2019