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Australia’s Official Development Assistance: Statistical Summary 2017-18

24 December 2018

Australian aid

This report, Australia's Official Development Assistance:  Statistical Summary, 2017-18, presents statistical details of Australia's development cooperation with partner countries, multilateral and bilateral development agencies, civil society organisations and the private sector. It provides a range of information at the aggregate level of where Australia's aid program was delivered and the type of aid delivered.

The current release presents all Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by Australia to developing countries.

This report complements other reporting of the Australian aid program. Users may wish to refer to the following publications which can be downloaded from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website:

  • Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio Budget Statements.
  • Australian Aid Budget Summary.
  • Annual Report: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • Performance of Australian Aid Report.
  • Australian Engagement with Developing Countries: Bilateral Relationships at a glance.

Changes in this issue

Changes in this issue include:

  • A more significant overview of Australian Aid, highlighting what Australian Aid is, why we have an aid program, how the aid program works and who we work with.
  • Infographic World map showing regional expenditures.
  • Strategic Framework for the aid program
  • Graphs and infographics showing key highlights.
  • Three new tables highlighting Australia's effort towards reporting ODA data reflecting the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, including amounts mobilised by the private sector as a result of official financial interventions.
  • Renaming the publication from 'Australia's International Development Assistance: Official Sector Summary'. This change reflects feedback from the DAC that Official Development Assistance must be clearly included in the title.

Concepts and definitions

The ODA concepts and definitions used in Australia's Official Development Assistance: Statistical Summary, 2017-18 are consistent with the OECD DAC's Statistical Reporting Directives. Refer to Australia's Official Development Assistance: Statistical Summary, 2017-1 Appendix 2: Concepts and Definitions for further details.

Comparability with other donor countries

To facilitate comparability between donor countries, Australia annually reports its development assistance:

  • To the OECD DAC.
  • Converted to United States dollars (USD) and on a calendar year basis.
  • Statistical information at the investment level.

This information can be accessed through the DAC website.

Statistics in this publication are stated in Australian dollars and reported on an Australian financial year basis, unless otherwise specified. This may restrict, in some instances, a direct comparison between Australia's development cooperation and that of other donor countries.

Historical ODA data

ODA estimates for periods prior to those shown in this publication are available from the Time Series spreadsheets located on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

The Time Series spreadsheets enable users to tabulate, manipulate and analyse Australian aid data over time.

Last Updated: 10 December 2018