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  • New school opens a new chapter for Parung children

New school opens a new chapter for Parung children

The community of Parung, about one and a half hours from Jakarta, celebrated the opening of its new junior secondary school, Parung 2, during the year.

The school was built under Australia's Education Partnership with Indonesia and consists of six classrooms, a principal's office and staff room, library and laboratory. It is one of 451 that have been built or extended since mid-2012 with 2 billion Indonesian Rupiah ($210 300) that the community received through the partnership.

"It's a dream come true for us," said Ismail Latif, who chaired the committee which built the school. "We have been waiting for this for seven years."

For these seven years, students and teachers have attended a number of different schools. Many have been sharing classroom facilities with a nearby elementary school. This meant classes could only be held in the afternoon, that rooms were overflowing with students, and that if it was cloudy or raining, students had to work in the dark. By contrast their new classrooms are flooded with natural light. The school has approximately 445 students 24 teachers and four administrative staff.

"There will be a big impact on the learning process," said School Principal Syamsuddin. "Teachers and students will be inspired and motivated to come to this school with its modern facilities."

In the past the school had experienced a high drop-out rate because of the distance and expense of getting there. School-aged boys ended up hanging around their family homes, while girls worked in a nearby garment factory or got married.

Both Principal Syamsuddin and Latif believe the community will stay involved in the development of the school. "We have an investment here."

Caption: School children celebrate the opening of their new school in Parung, near Jakarta, Indonesia

Credit: Syahreza Laksmana for AusAID