Ausaid Annual Report

australian agency for international development

Financial results

The Australian National Audit Office was unqualified in its opinion that AusAID's 2012–13 financial statements are fairly stated and presented.

Departmental financial performance

AusAID's departmental outcome for the year ended 30 June 2013 was surplus of $6.5 million after depreciation which represents two per cent of budgeted expenditure.

Table 5: AusAID's departmental outcome for 2012–13

Departmental operating statement
Actuals 2012–13 ($'000)
Actuals 2011–12 ($'000)
Operating revenue
317 458
275 553
Operating expense
326 079
287 471
Operating surplus/(deficit)
(11 918)
Depreciation expenses
15 088
11 900
Operating surplus/(deficit) after depreciation

Cash reserves are reflected in cash on hand at 30 June 2013 as well as the appropriation receivable, totalling approximately $86.712 million.

Administered financial performance

Total overall administered expenses in 2012–13 were $4.259 billion, with 99 per cent of the agency's regular appropriation for the aid program being expensed.

Table 6: AusAID's total overall administered expenses for 2012–13

Administered expenses and liabilities
Actuals 2012–13 ($'000)
Actuals 2011–12 ($'000)
Outcome 1
4 229 325
3 977 145
Outcome 2
29 751
37 104
Total expenses
4 259 076
4 014 249
Total liabilities
1 647 223
1 455 184

Outcome 1—to assist developing countries reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia's national interest

Administered expenses were $4.229 billion (100 per cent of the annual budget). In 2012–13, AusAID continued a significant package of initiatives under Outcome 1 in the areas of governance, education, infrastructure, health, humanitarian and emergencies, rural development and the environment.

One of the main differences between administered expenses and cash flows (detailed in chapter 4) arises from recognition of multi-year commitments to multilateral development institutions. The total expense is recognised in the year the commitment agreement is signed. The cash paid and liability is subsequently discharged over the following financial years.

Outcome 2—Australia's national interest advanced by implementing a partnership between Australia and Indonesia for reconstruction and development

The total appropriation of $1 billion for the Australia–Indonesia Partnership for Reconstruction and Development was received through the 2004–05 Portfolio Supplementary Additional Estimates and was credited equally to two special accounts—one for grants and one for loans. A total of $42.918 million of partnership loans were disbursed in 2012–13. A balance of $77.595 million remains available in loan funding. Supplementary administrative costs for the implementation and management of the partnership are funded through Bill 1 appropriations.