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251 Dixon to Evatt

Cablegram S95 WASHINGTON, 31 July 1943


The following message has been received for you from the President.

Message begins:

'Dear Doctor Evatt:

I have your note of 13th July [1] and thank you for your expression of warm appreciation of our efforts to provide aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force.

I am glad to learn that the allotment of aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force for 1943, with the exception of heavy bombers, is satisfactory to you both as to numbers and types of aircraft. To give the Royal Australian Air Force greater striking power, heavy bombers are needed, and I can understand your disappointment in not securing an allotment. My military advisers tell me that, because of pressing prior commitments, no heavy bombers can be made available to Australia during 1943.

Nevertheless, it is my wish that heavy bombers be supplied to the Royal Australian Air Force in order that they can carry the war deep into Japanese territory, and I hope to make some available in 1944.

I cannot promise this definitely now. However, by the last of November our production schedules of heavy bombers for 1944 can be forecast more accurately and our plane losses by attrition and in battle will be known more definitely. Not until then can a definite commitment be made. I can assure you that I will then give this matter my personal supervision.

Sincerely yours,

(SIGNED) Franklin D. Roosevelt.'

Message ends.

I have given a copy to Williams who informs me that the allocations of aircraft proposed by Arnold and referred to in your last letter to the President were considered at meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff yesterday, Friday. Williams presented views on lines discussed with you with result 1943 allocations have been approved and Arnold, Welsh [2] and Williams appointed Committee to review the remainder. Williams is writing you in detail by bag. [3]

The above message from the President was presumably drafted before yesterday's meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff although received after it.

1 Document 244.

2 Air Marshal Sir William Welsh, R.A.F. Member, U.K. Joint Staff Mission in Washington.

3 This letter has not been found.

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