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322 Hasluck to Shedden

Memorandum CANBERRA, 19 October 1944

I refer to my teleprinter message 1854 [1] of the 3rd October to Department of Defence, Melbourne, and subsequent communications by telephone regarding the arrangements for the Australian - New Zealand Conference.

The position has been further discussed with New Zealand officials and the Prime Minister of New Zealand and it has been agreed that the Australian Ministerial party, consisting of the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Forde, and the Minister for External Affairs, Dr.

Evatt, should leave Australia on October 28th and that the conference should open in Wellington on October 31st and conclude on November 3rd.

The following agenda has been approved:-

1. World organisation.

2. General talks on Pacific question including the establishment of an organisation for the Pacific equivalent to the European Advisory Council.

3. Establishment of a South Seas Commission, procedure, tactics, policy only, not including technical aspects such as health and native welfare.

4. Questions likely to arise at the peace Conferences such as the future of mandates and colonial policy.

5. Exchange of views on armistice arrangements and peace treaties with Germany and Japan on political level.

6. Economic relations.

(a) Full employment conference.

(b) Examination of means for attaining the objectives of Article 35C of the Australia - New Zealand Agreement. [2]

It will be noted that the agenda has been drawn up on broad lines.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has expressed the wish to have general conversations between the Ministers rather than detailed technical discussions and has suggested that the consideration of the agenda will not call for any large party of officials. [3]


1 On file AA:A5954, box 294.

2 Document 26.

3 Official accompanying Forde and Evatt from Australia were: F. R.

Sinclair, Secretary of the Dept of the Army, A. V. Smith, Secretary of the Dept of Supply and Shipping, three officers of the External Affairs Dept, P. Hasluck, J. W. Burton and W. D.

Forsyth, and K. C. Hardy (Forde's publicity officer).

[AA:A5954, BOX 294]
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