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43 Evatt to Glasgow Cablegram unnumbered

CANBERRA, 7 February 1944

Your telegram of February 6th. [1] Following is repetition of my telegram 0640/6. Begins-31. [2] Personal for Glasgow from Evatt.

Many thanks for your message. [3] What you have done is quite satisfactory. Personally I felt it imperative to avoid a complete breakdown and perhaps you should let Norman Robertson know that even if Canada agrees with either of our suggestions [4] there is still a possibility that Full Cabinet may disapprove signing Article 10. [5] However probability is that they would authorize signature if our suggestion were acceptable.

I regard the thing as going far deeper than the mere flow of Mutual Aid to this theatre of war. Our Prime Minister was most pained at the implied threat in Mackenzie King's message [6] and as you know we are far from satisfied at Canada's contribution to the war, especially after Odlum's [7] promises when High Commissioner. Therefore as you are active, I see a good deal of value in your continuing discussions. The best thing, of course, would be the omission altogether of the difficult Article 10.

Mackenzie King must know that unless interpreted along the lines of full employment, it places us in a most difficult position.

Further, I think you should make it clear that New Zealand is in entire agreement with Australia's interpretation as set forth in our draft memo [8], that was made plain at our recent conference [9] when we fully discussed the matter. I am most anxious to avoid a breakdown with Canada over this matter and for that reason alone venture upon a new and final approval despite inclinations in many quarters here to turn down whole agreement. In the circumstances therefore you can go ahead at your discretion but make sure of seeing Mackenzie King and assure him confidentially of my efforts to bring this matter to a satisfactory issue. I will keep you informed but do not under any circumstances deliver a copy of this message to anyone. Best wishes. Ends. Error regretted.

1 Cablegram 30, in AA: A3195, 1944, 1.4798. Glasgow reported the receipt of an indecipherable cablegram.

2 The original cablegram 31, dispatched 5 February, had been mutilated in transmission. Cablegram 29 of 5 February (on file AA:

A989, 44/125/5/6/i, ii), in which Glasgow advised Evatt of a conversation he had had with Dr Norman A. Robertson (Canadian Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs) regarding the aide- memoire contained in Document 36.

4 See Document 36.

5 See Document 58, paragraph 1 and Documents on Australian Foreign Policy 1937-49, vol.VI, Document 352.

6 Document 9.

7 Canadian High Commissioner in Australia in 1942.

8 Document 36.

9 See Document 26.

[AA:A3095, 47/15A, iv]
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