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Financial statement 1998-99


Australian Studies

Australian Studies Infrastructure Grants: To enable Australian Studies Centres to develop their work by maintaining a regular program of activities and covering basic expenses

54 061

Australian Studies: Affiliate memberships for Australian Studies Centres: International Australian Studies Association and Association for the Study of Australian Literature 1 198

Australian Studies Infrastructure Grants: Supply of books, journals, and other research materials to Australian Studies centres 5 355

Sixth International Conference on Australian Studies in China: 26-29 October 1998, Peking University 28 521

Australia-China Council visiting fellowships: To enable senior and middle-level researchers in China to spend three months in Australia, conducting research into an aspect of Australian Studies 20 000

Australia-China Council visiting studentships: To enable postgraduate students at a institution of higher education in China to spend six months in Australia conducting field work as part of their postgraduate program 24 565

Taiwan: Support for program in cooperation with Griffith University and The University of Melbourne to promote the development of Australian Studies in Taiwan 70 000

Exchanges and study programs

Australia-China Short-Term Study Program: Support for a group of high-school students to undertake a program of structured language tuition within a school environment in China

37 000

Australian Young Scholars in China: Support for five secondary-school graduates to undertake a formal study program of Chinese language in China 75 000

China Skills Traineeships: Final payment for 1997 awardees undertaking academic study and work experience in China 21 387

Internet and publishing

China-Australia Electronic Information Centre (CAEIC): Development of an Internet site at the National Library of China as a 'Gateway into Australia' to provide access to information on Australia

47 998

Wilson Sarre & Associates: Preparation of material for collaborative project with People's Education Press to develop a series of reading materials with content on Australia for Chinese senior high schools 23 000

Publishing program: Payment relating to publication in Chinese of Moonlite by David Foster 2 000

Sub-total programs 410 085



Asialink Centre: Support for 1998 Asialink Residency Program: three residencies in performing arts, visual arts and literature

18 000

Biennale of Sydney 1998: Support for participation by four artists from China and one from Hong Kong 30 000

Gulliver Media Australia: Production of documentary stories on Australian science and technology for China Central Television 12 000

Reckless Moments: Performance tour to China by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, October 1998 50 000

Sherman Galleries: Support for The Rose Crossing exhibition tour of Hong Kong 20 000

Australian Ballet: Support for performances in Shanghai, June 1999 35 000


Australian Multicultural Foundation: NAB language certificates

5 000

Canberra Chinese Language Teachers' Society: Support for Fifth Australian National Chinese Teachers' Conference, Canberra, June 1999 500

Science and technology

Australian Commerce and Industry Office, Taipei: Support for Virtual Australian Technology Week on the Internet, April 1999

20 000

Australian Seed and Propagation Technology Centre, University of Queensland: Support for collaborative workshop at the China Agricultural University in Beijing with view to establishing collaborative teaching and training programs in seed and plant propagation technology 10 000

Siemens Ltd: Promotion of Australian aviation industry at China Aviation Summit 2 000


Contemporary China Centre, Australian National University: Support for publication of The China Journal

10 000

Sub-total grants 212 500


Council delegation visit to Beijing (24-30 October 1998): In association with Sixth International Conference on Australian Studies in China, Peking University, and 71st Council meeting

33 340

Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) delegation visit to Australia (6-12 April 1999): Six-member delegation led by CPAFFC President Mr Qi Huaiyuan 18 220

Sub-total delegations 51 560


Council meetings

Travel and accommodation

7 423

Council members' sitting fees 3 758

Incidentals (advertising, postage, couriers, taxi) 4 302

Annual report and information brochure 9 362

Sub-total administration 24 845


Balance in trust fund as at 1 July 1998

115 031


1998-99 trust fund allocation

636 000

Total available funding 751 031



410 085

Grants 212 500

Delegations 51 560

Administration 24 845

Total expenditure 698 990

Balance in trust fund as at 30 June 1999 52 041

Footnote: $800 refunded from 1997 Conference of Publications in Chinese on Australian Subjects project in Shanghai then returned to Department of Education Training and Youth Affairs which contributed to original grant.


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