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The Order-in-Council of 17 May 1978 establishing the Australia-China Council, and subsequent amendments, provide that the Council shall consist of a Chair, and not less than four and not more than sixteen other members. Members are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Council members are drawn from various sectors of the Australian community. They are selected so as to ensure that, over time, the Council is broadly representative of the community and that it also reflects specific areas of expertise and experience relevant to the development of Australia-China relations.

On 30 June 1999 the Australia-China Council had twelve members, including the Chair. The Chair of the Council may be appointed for up to five years, and the other members may be appointed for terms of up to three years. Members may be reappointed. Current council members, and their terms of appointment, are as follows:


Mr Stuart Simson, Managing Director, Simson Media Pty Ltd, Melbourne (appointed as Chair for three years from 16 April 1997, having been Acting Chair from 30 June 1996; appointed member for three years from 18 June 1992 and reappointed for three years from 18 June 1995)


Mr John Allen, Managing Director, Technology Transactions Ltd, Sydney

Dr Thomas Chiu, Thomas Chiu and Associates, Lawyers, Sydney

Ms Dinah Dysart, visual arts writer, editor and curator, Sydney

Mr Miles Kupa, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra

Ms Catherine Livingstone, Managing Director, Cochlear Limited, Sydney

Mr Robert Minter, Managing Director, First Asia Project Consulting Pty Limited, Sydney

Mr David Sadleir AO, former Australian Ambassador to China, Victoria

Mr Richard Sheppard, Deputy Managing Director, Macquarie Bank Limited, Sydney

Professor James Walter, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Arts, Teaching and Learning), Griffith University, Brisbane

Professor Andrew Watson, Associate Dean (Research), and Director, Centre for Asian Studies, University of Adelaide, Adelaide

Dr John Yu AM, Chairman of the President's Council, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney

During the reporting period Mr Kim Jones, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra (appointed for three years from 30 June 1997) resigned from the Council (14 December 1998). Professor Andrew Watson (member of the Council since 25 October 1994) resigned with effect from 1 July 1999. The Chair, on behalf of the Council, wishes to thank the retiring members for the valuable contribution they have made to the Council's work through their willingness to contribute their time and their expertise to enhance the Australia-China relationship.

Members of the Australia-China Council as of 30 June 1999

Stuart Simson John Allen Thomas Chiu
Mr Stuart Simson, Chair
(Chair 30/6/96–16/4/00)
Mr John Allen
Dr Thomas Chiu
Dinah Dysart Miles Kupa Catherine Livingstone
Ms Dinah Dysart
Mr Miles Kupa
Ms Catherine Livingstone
Robert Minter David Sadleir Richard Sheppard
Mr Robert Minter
Mr David Sadleir AO
Mr Richard Sheppard
James Walter Andrew Watson John Yu
Professor James Walter
Professor Andrew Watson
Dr John Yu AM


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