West Africa security

5 September 2019

Australians travelling to West Africa should take security preparations seriously. Travellers to the region should pay close attention to the Australian Government’s travel advice (smartraveller.gov.au) in order to avoid unnecessary risk and make informed judgments , including about whether they should travel. There is growing concern about security threats to Australians in parts of West Africa, including kidnapping. This is particularly a concern in ungoverned spaces, including where criminal and terrorist risks overlap.

We strongly support Australian businesses pursuing opportunities on the ground in Africa, but there should be no illusions about the risks of operating in certain parts of the region. The Australian Government will seek to respond to requests for consular assistance from Australians in Africa, but our ability to provide consular assistance in many parts of Africa is limited. Australian companies looking at expanding operations into Africa are strongly urged to do their research and thoroughly understand the local environment.

Last Updated: 2 September 2019