Australia in Latin America

1 December 2016

The Australian Government has a network of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Austrade offices across Latin America.

DFAT and Austrade work closely together to advance Australia's interests in Latin America, particularly in creating conditions for increased trade and investment to strengthen our economy and create jobs.

DFAT officers deliver Australia's economic diplomacy agenda, implement foreign and trade policy, negotiate international agreements and provide consular assistance.

Austrade is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment into Australia, promoting Australia as a place to research and study, and supporting Australian companies looking to export or participate in global value chains.

Buenos Aires

Argentina's new government has returned the country to political and economic orthodoxy. The Australian Embassy Buenos Aires is promoting the new opportunities this presents for Australia especially in mining, energy, agribusiness and education.


Australia enjoys significant engagement with Brazil – Brazil is a top destination in Latin America for Australian FDI – and our products and services benefit from Australia's reputation for delivering quality and a fair-go.


The Australian Embassy in Santiago is broadening and deepening an already diverse relationship as we pursue new opportunities in joint research and development, vocational training, healthcare and shape institutions to strengthen the Chilean and Colombian economies, both members of the open-trading Pacific Alliance.


Australia's relations with Peru have expanded quickly recently, mirroring strong growth in South America's third-largest country. The Embassy sees opportunities for Australia in Peru's mining, infrastructure and education sectors. The relationship with Bolivia is positive but modest.

Mexico City

The Embassy has helped facilitate a rapid rise in trade and investment with Mexico. It works closely with the business community and uses outreach and social media to change perceptions of Australia in Central America.

Port of Spain

The distant Caribbean, a traditional market for our lamb, beef and cheese, has an appetite for fast-ferries and other Australian high-tech products. There are opportunities for Australian suppliers of oil, gas and mining equipment, technology and services.


Colombia, the fourth biggest economy in Latin America, is working towards ending a half century of conflict with the FARC. Its economy has grown at an average of 4.4 per cent over the past decade and the Andean nation is a founding member of the Pacific Alliance trade bloc and Mila, the Integrated Latin American Market, which also groups the stock exchanges of Peru, Chile and Mexico.

São Paolo

São Paulo, a city of 11.3m, is Brazil's business centre and a major research hub for Latin America, where Australian water management and tropical medicine expertise have gained a foothold. The big picture of a large middle class, agricultural strength and a dynamic services sector will continue to be attractive to Australian investors seeking long term growth, and a significant potential source of foreign investment for Australia, particularly in agribusiness.

Last Updated: 1 December 2016