Our representatives in Latin America

The Australian Government has a network of Embassies and Consulates-General across Latin America.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Austrade work closely together to advance Australia's interests in Latin America, particularly in creating conditions for increased trade and investment to strengthen our economy and create jobs.

DFAT officers deliver Australia's economic diplomacy agenda, implement foreign and trade policy, negotiate international agreements and provide consular assistance.

Austrade is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment into Australia, promoting Australia as a place to research and study, and supporting Australian companies looking to export or participate in global value chains.

Australia in Latin America
Map of Latin America with markers on Mexico City, Port of Spain, Bogata, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

Buenos Aires

Noel Campbell

Noel Campbell, Ambassador to Argentina

Shannon Powell

Shannon Powell, Senior Trade Commissioner

After two years of ambitious reform since its election in 2015, the Macri Government has returned the country to political and economic orthodoxy. The Australian Embassy in Buenos Aires is promoting opportunities this presents for Australia, especially in mining, energy, agribusiness, infrastructure and education.


Robert Fergusson

Robert Fergusson, Ambassador to Chile

Shannon Powell, Senior Trade Commissioner

Chile is Latin America’s wealthiest and most stable nation and Australia is well-positioned to benefit from more favourable economic conditions forecast for 2018. Chile consistently leads Latin American nations in a range of economic indicators, including competitiveness. The Australian Embassy in Santiago is broadening and deepening Australia’s relationship with Chile by leveraging our strong standing in mining, METS and education and expanding into new sectors such as infrastructure, health and ageing, and agribusiness.


John Richardson

John Richardson, Ambassador to Brazil

Greg Wallis, Consul General, Senior Trade Commissioner

Brazil is Australia’s largest trading partner in Latin America and the top destination for Australian FDI, covering a diverse portfolio from online retail services and financial services to advanced manufacturing and mining. Brazil is Australia’s fifth largest source of international students and the largest source of international students outside of Asia. With the Brazilian economy recovering, tourism is also growing robustly.

Mexico City

David Engel

David Engel, Ambassador to Mexico

Nicholas Baker

Nicholas Baker, Trade Commissioner

Mexico has a growing economy and is widely projected to be a top 10 economy by 2030. Australia’s Embassy in Mexico City has helped facilitate a rapid rise in trade and investment with Mexico, and promoted the benefits to both countries of open trade through the TPP and the Australia-Pacific Alliance FTA. It has also strengthened Australia’s reputation as a leader in key growth sectors in Mexico, including resources and energy, education and research, infrastructure and finance, and agribusiness.


Nicholas McCaffrey

Nicholas McCaffrey, Ambassador to Peru

Marie Hill

Marie Hill, Trade Commissioner

The late 2017 finalisation of the Peru-Australia FTA is a major milestone in our commercial and investment relationship. Agreements are also in place which focus on better air connectivity, closer cooperation on water and on education, as well as the commencement of a work and holiday program for young citizens of both countries. These promise benefits for both countries. It is pleasing relations with Peru have moved to another level over the past year.

Port of Spain

John Pilbeam

John Pilbeam, High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean enjoys a close relationship with Australia through historical Commonwealth ties and common sporting interests. The region has long been a market for Australian meat and dairy products. Australia’s High Commission in Port of Spain continues to look for opportunities for Australian interests operating in the oil and gas, tourism, education and technology sectors across the Caribbean.


Sophie Davies

Sophie Davies, Ambassador to Colombia

Said Metwalli

Said Metwalli, Trade Commissioner

Australia enjoys increasing engagement with Colombia. The opening of an Australian Embassy in Bogota in 2017, and the appointment of Sophie Davies as the first Ambassador to Colombia deepens the bilateral relationship. The Embassy is promoting new opportunities for Australian companies in renewable energy, mining, education, and agribusiness. By the end of 2017, Australia’s Embassy in Bogota estimated there were 43 Australian companies in Colombia, investing in projects with an overall estimated value of more than $3 billion.

São Paolo

Greg Wallis

Greg Wallis, Consul General, Senior Trade Commissioner

São Paulo, a city of 11.3 million, is Brazil's business centre and a major research hub for Latin America, where Australian water management and tropical medicine expertise have gained a foothold. The big picture of a large middle class, agricultural centre and a dynamic services sector will continue to be attractive to Australian investors seeking longterm growth.

Last Updated: 3 April 2018