Evaluation at DFAT 2018

5 March 2019

an infographic outlining DFAT's 2018 aid evaluations by region and sector. A text version is below

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Aid evaluation at DFAT

Robust evaluations play a vital role in ensuring we deliver a high quality aid program. Evaluations provide evidence and lessons to underpin our aid spend. They support an organisational culture focused on innovation and continuous learning. Importantly, they assist us to meet our accountability obligations under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act.


Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan Review: Australia is contributing to this UNDP Trust Fund to support the Afghan national police, including police professionalisation and institutional reform. This review analysed the performance of the fund and scope to address delivery performance.


Support to Vulnerable Communities in Cox’s Bazar: This evaluation assessed outcomes, examined value for money and informed new programming for this investment, which aimed to enhance food security and nutrition for the most vulnerable in the Cox’s Bazar District.


Water and Sanitation Hibah Phase 2 Evaluation: The evaluation assessed results and identified ways to improve the existing $120m investment (over 10 years), which provided incentives for local governments to increase their investment in water and sanitation services.


Coalitions for Change Independent Completion Evaluation: Australia invested $45m over seven years in a partnership with Asia Foundation in the Philippines to influence policy reforms. The evaluation assessed results of this centrepiece activity, which establishes and supports formal and informal networks to contribute to transformative change.

Papua New Guinea

Evaluation of Australia’s electoral assistance to Papua New Guinea: This independent evaluation focussed on assessing the overall effectiveness of Australia’s electoral assistance to PNG from 2015–17, with a view to informing the scope and nature of Australia’s future electoral support.

Pacific Regional

Markets for Change Evaluation: This evaluation assessed the impact of this $18m investment implemented in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji to build more inclusive and safe markets to promote women’s economic empowerment.

Last Updated: 5 March 2019


Total number of evaluations: 45

By region

Pacific: 20

South East Asia: 12

South West Asia: 7

By sector

Infrastructure and trade faciliation: 15

Education: 10

Effective governance: 7

Building resilience and humanitarian: 4

Health and sanitation: 3

Gender equality and social inclusion: 2

Agriculture, fisheries and water: 1