From Seed to Scale-Up: Lessons learned from Australia’s rural development assistance

27 April 2012

This evaluation reviews Australia’s rural development assistance, to identify ways of maximising the benefits of Australia’s growing investment in rural development. It finds that Australian aid has helped poor rural women and men access more value from new markets and make more effective use of scarce natural resources. Australian aid has also helped them to accumulate assets so that they can afford to send children to school, pay for health care and gain access to other essential services.

From Seed to Scale-Up identifies 12 principles that characterise efficient and effective aid investment in rural development and makes recommendations to increase the capacity of Australia and its development partners to deliver results in rural development.

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Last Updated: 30 July 2015
Hands holding seeds
The Australia Indonesia Partnership aims to contribute to rural growth and improved household incomes by increasing farmer productivity and supporting better and more equitable access to markets. Credit: Josh Estey.